What We Offer



If you are working long hours or have other commitments from time to time, Bow Wow Doggy Day Care offers a friendly, professional environment which will ensure your dog gets the interaction, exercise and socialisation they are worthy of.
We have a large indoor and outdoor play area with CCTV, your dogs are always supervised and is totally secure. Bow Wow Doggy Day Care are fully insured and are a South Lanarkshire Council Licenced Animal Establishment.
Dogs love company so if we can help please contact us for more information.



We are passionate about and love all breeds of dogs, pedigree or pooch. We have over 35 years of experience in pet care and our groomers are fully qualified.
Services offered in our Groom Room are: -
Bath and dry only
Bath, dry and nails
Bath, dry, de-shed and nails
Full Groom – Bath, dry then styling your dog by clipping, scissoring or hand stripping to your specifications, followed by a nail trim.
Please contact us for more information.



It is important that puppies should be introduced to a grooming environment as soon as they have finished their course of vaccinations. At Bow Wow we encourage your puppy to visit us for a bath, dry, nail trim then a simple face, feet and bottom tidy if needed depending on the breed of your puppy.
We do not rush any of our grooming appointment and your puppy will be in quiet relaxed surroundings with lots of cuddles and reassurance from our Groomer. This gets them used to being handled at a young age and can enjoy their time with us for every groom in the future.

puppy trim.jpg


Do you have a new puppy? That is great news!
It is always challenging to socialise a new puppy whilst out of walks as you never know if other dogs it meets will be friendly, that is why at Bow Wow Doggy Day Care we offer puppy socialisation.
To start off with we suggest 4-hour sessions where your puppy will have supervised play and socialising followed by a well-earned nap time to recharge those excitable puppy batteries. After three or four 4-hour sessions we suggest a full day of fun and play.
The session will give your puppy the opportunity to experience those all-important first experiences of socialisation with unfamiliar humans and other dogs and puppies. This is important for your puppy in learning to understand play and reading other dogs and puppies body language. Your puppy will also benefit from spending time away from you, helping prevent separation anxiety in the future. All these early experiences allow your puppy to grow into a confident and polite adult.



Training your dog is the most important part of canine companionship. A happy dog is one who has structure and boundaries. Dogs are pack animals and need guidance in the behaviour that you expect from them. If you do not show leadership with your dog, then the dog will naturally feel it is his place to do so. If your dog understands that you are the leader, they will be easier to train.
If you are having trouble with your dog, then please contact us.



Lots of reseller offer Pet Food and Accessories, however if you require advice on the best products for your puppy or dog, our 35 years’ experience in pet care will be able to either source it for you or help with your purchase.
Please contact us for further information.